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Friday, 22 February 2013

The Samsung AMOLED transparent laptop

The Samsung AMOLED transparent laptop

Shocking products are about to come on the market, Samsung is one brand that gives nightmare to its competitors by releasing hi-fi products. And now Samsung is advancing with OLED technology, i.e.  transparent AMOLED Technology, from which you will be able to see through the screen, take that picture as an example.

Samsung AMOLED transparent laptop has a 14-inch transparent 1,280 x 768 display resolution, and is about 38% to 40% transparent, which allows about 40% light to pass through the screen, and it's also 10bit which makes the color more vibrant. However, it will be fantastic if it has a transparency on and off button.

The Samsung AMOLED transparent laptop has all the functions like normal laptops i.e. wifi, Bluetooth, DVD ROM, HDMI port etc. 

The first release with the help of this technology may be Samsung's IceTouch MP3 player (YP-H1). This device is a portable all-in-one that plays music, DVDs, tunes in FM radio stations, and more. The estimated price will be around $328 USD when it finally hits the market. 

Rumour: it will hit the market within 12 months

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