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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Free Wi-Fi facility in select trains!

Railway Minister P K Bansal has announced that special coaches will be launched in each train with high end facilities.
The Railways also plans to offer for free Wi-Fi on trains.
Next generation e-ticketing system by end of this year.
However, don’t be too optimistic about using Wi-Fi on your laptop/tablet while travelling on trains in India just yet. Over the coming months, Indian Railways will test the system on the pilot project thoroughly.

During the tests, travelers on the Howrah Rajdhani will be able to access internet via their Wi-Fi enabled devices. The connection will be made via custom made antennas that will be fitted in the train. It may be believed that some sort of Wi-Fi router or hot-spot will connect individual devices. The best part about the pilot project is that the service will be free of charge, at least till the time they are testing it.
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  1. first kindly provide pure drinking water...
    very funny policies right???

  2. yes gouthami! it's true...
    first the govt should focus on basic necessary needs of the passengers and then these HI-TECH trends...

    Thank you!!!